Rabu, 20 Juli 2016

GARDENING: My Colorful Flowers (If You are Agree)

tagetes or marigold

It seems long time I did not Posting anything, hahaha
And right now I just wanna show my Flowers Collection off...

When I went Home (actually my parents home-where I was born) several weeks ago, I have took some photos of them especially because of the most of them were blooming, wow! Ok let's check my Flowers out bellow..

colorful flowers

Guess what the name of flowers they are, oke let us see from the top of the picture. Left side is Marigold and the Right side is Alamanda I say it. I bought the Alamanda as a 30 cm plant in the nursery. Now, look at the center. Left side is Morning Glory and the right side is Zinnia. Then in the left side of the bottom is Petunia and the right side is Marigold. The type of this marigold is dwarf plant and I grow them from seeds.

tagetes or marigold

The Picture above is photo of my Marigold's collection. I only have 2 varieties. Several months a go I've tried to grow some varieties of dwarf french marigold but it was failed. I grew them from seed which is bought from online shop. The Viability and Vigor was bad at all. But I still wanna grow them, and wanna buy them from another snline shop.
Ok, the top and the left side of the picture above is my F1 local varieties marigold. It is called Marigold Mega F1 from Panah Merah which is have minimum 50 cm of plant height, yellow petals, and big flowers (compare to my hand). This variety looks like pompom and I love it!
Then, on the right side is another local variety, but I do not know the correct varieties. I got the seed from my favorite "seeds online shop", she gave me this marigold seeds as a bonus. This plant has 30 cm of plant height on average, yellow petals, and tinny flowers (not very tinny I mean).

ipomoea morning glory

The picture above is Morning glory and actually I have the another color, star pink, but they were not blooming at that moment.
mix zinnia or bunga kertas

It is time for Zinnia. I bought the seeds from online shop too. The label says that they are mix color of Zinnias and I planted 6 zinnias seedling. Three of them are pink and the another three are Orange. I love the colorful Zinnias. Right now I am trying to plant another seeds of zinnia ang I hope I could get the red, white and yellow zinnia.

petunia mixed

And last but not least, the picture above is my Petunias. I bought the mixed seeds from online shop and I started plant the seed in the tray on fourth week of February. On the third or fourth month, they started to bloom. I planted so much seeds, very very tinny seeds, lighter than sands. Only 4-6 seedlings could survived till they were blooming like this. I have white, purple, pink, light purple and deep red colors.

Here they are, next time I will show my other flowers collection off. Hahahahaha..

I am so glad if you wanna share yours too...

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Bagus-bagus semua bunganya Indah :) . Morning glory saya baru nanam tahun ini nanam 2 jenis, langsung suka bunganya rame :D .