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TRIPVENTURE: How Much Did I Spend my Money for my Short Escape?

     Dear Guys,

     Right now I wanna share and tell you about the accomodation, run down, ittinerary (or whatever you called it) during my 2 Days 1 Night at Paguyangan Brebes,  hehehehe

     First time I wanna tell you, especially for this Entri, I want use English, whoaaa so I'm so sorry If I make many mistakes about my grammar. Because I wanna learn it and make it "anti-mainstream" yeaaaaah...

     This cost which I will share is valid for 1 person, ok? So, here we come..

     I departed from my "homebase" in Tebet, Jalan Soepomo. If you wanna go to the Pasar Senen Train Station a la a la backpacker, you should try these kind of transportation: METROMINI. There's no Metromini which has one way without transit from Tebet Jalan Soepomo to Senen (Pasar Senen). There is one transit. First, I took metromini number 62 (Pasar minggu-Manggarai route) towards Manggarai. The picture of the metromini is below, it has red/orange and blue color with number 62 placed on front/side of its glass window. I paid 4.000 rupiahs. The fare is 4.000 rupiahs for short or long distance. Then I stopped and got off from this metromini at Manggarai (not in Manggarai Terminals), the exact place I got off is in the T-junction (there's a traffic light) before the metromini turned right. And from this T-junction, I waited the next number of Metromini (transit) there's Metromini no 17.

source from Google 

     Metromini no 17 has the same color with no 62. The route of no 17 is Manggarai-Pasar Senen and it has the same fare too (4.000 rupiahs). But unfortunately, if the night getting late (for the example, I rode it at 09.00-something pm) the metromini didn't passed trough in front of Pasar Senen Train Station. So I should walked for along 5 minutes. Then I arrived at Pasar Senen Train Station.

     Actually, the train's departure schedule was at 05.30 am on the next day, but I chose to stayed overnight in the Station for the reason here. hehehehhe

     On the next day, at 04.45 am we checked in for the train. We rode KUTOJAYA UTARA (economy class), and we have reserved the ticket approximately a month before the departure schedule. FYI for the Kutojaya Utara's schedule (below). The ticket's fare from Pasar Senen-Bumiayu and from Bumiayu-Pasar Senen is 80.000 rupiahs. So I spent 160.000 rupiahs for the train's ticket.

Sorce from Google
Source from Google
Bumiayu has many kinds of "angkot", yellow color, blue, Orange, Green etc
Sorce from Google

     The departure was on time, so did the arrival. I arrived in Bumiayu Station. From the Station we should continued our trip to Pasar Bumiayu (Bumiayu's Traditional Market) and from the Station we rode green transport (angkot warna ijo, hehehe). The fare is 2.000 rupiahs, before we reached the Market, we chose to ate bakso and it cost 12.500/person (include iced tea). We continued our trip to Kampung Pesawahan and rode the Orange transport (angkot warna oranye). For your information, we hard to found this transport because it is so rare Oh my God (you can read the detail on my posting before). The fare is 6.000 rupiahs/person.

For the one night lodging? Free (sponsored by Pak/Bu Syafii).
For the first day breakfast? 25.000 (fried rice and warm tea bought in Train).
For the first day brunch? 12.500 (Bakso plus iced tea).
For the first day lunch? Free (sponsored by Pak/Bu Syafii).
For the first day (first) dinner? Free (sponsored by Bu Aisyah).
For the first day (second) dinner? Free (sponsored by Pak/Bu Syafii).
For the second day breakfast? Free (sponsored by Pak/Bu Syafii).
For the transportation to Kaligua and from Kaligua? Free (sponsored by Pak/Bu Syafii).
For the Telaga Ranjeng's entrance ticket fare? Free or depending your heart-sincerity hehehehe.
For the Telaga Ranjeng's parking fare? Approximatelly 2.000-5.000 rupiahs depending on your transportation (car or motorbike).
For the Kaligua's entrance ticket fare? 10.000/person.
For the Kaligua's car parking fare? 5.000/car.
For the second day lunch? Free (sponsored by Pak/Bu Syafii).
For the odong2's fare (returns)? 4.000/person.
For the Goa Jepang's entrance ticket fare? No fixed fare, depending your heart-sincerity hehehehe.
For the Tuk Bening's entrance ticket fare? Free.
For the "Riding Plastic Duck in the artificial pond" 's ticket fare? 10.000/duck no time limit (I didn't ride it).
For the Souvenir or Oleh-oleh? Free (Bu Syafii and Mba Iis were present us with spicy crackers, very spicy and hot sambal, spicy fried ikan asin, tumis sayur kulit melinjo, spicy opak crackers, and jengkol yes jengkol -_____- ).
Taxi fare from Jatinegara station-Tebet? 60.000 (include tip, used argo).

     There, I didn't find Telor Asin's store, maybe it just found in Brebes city, or maybe I have bad sight Whoaaaaah!

     So here is the calculation:

4.000+4.000+160.000+2.000+12.500+6.000+25.000+5.000+10.000+5.000+4.000+15.000(goa jepang)+30.000(taxi per person)= 282.500 per person (please correct my calculation if I did wrong haahahaha).

     If I didn't have sponsors during my trip, maybe I could spent twice or nearly 3 times of my current cost. So till now, I'm so gratefull for having them, new family/relatives in my life.

     That's it, and enjoy your weekend friends, see you in the next posting!

     Jakarta, October 31st 2015

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